Livepedia Communications LLP, is the global leading Publications company started in 2015, constructing most active business collaborating and networking community for various business segments in digital space.


First of all, i would like to appreciate the publishers who brought this concept of bringing real life stories of people, and the various sections of the magazine specially the health & fitness is something is love about the magazine – I have read many magazine but this exclusive magazine is just amazing. I request publisher to include events & advertiser so that we are updated with the latest feeds.


I am happy to read the LivePedia – The Life Magazine, its an amazing magazine which brings out stories from general public and connects them together on a same platform, i personally  loved the concept and its nature. “Everyone has a story to tell” which is very true along with this other sections are brilliant, I recommend people to subscribe to this exclusive magazine and i am sure you will love it.

Sanjeev Mahajan